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TAAS is a an airline ticketing and Cargo Services company that provides Freight Forwarding services

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      About Company

      We Provide a Reliable Services

      We are one of market leading logistic and transport company. TAAS was established on July 2022 with the aim to provide Freight Forwarding services to exporters and importers as well as to provide vehicle for hire for Businesses and Travel industry

      Our Mission

      To eliminate the logistical problems of our customers, Maintaining our position as the market leader in Transport Sector, and to be a well known, reputable company

      Our Vision

      To be the integrated transport company with the goal to serve the logistic need s of our customers and provide the best service to our customers.

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      Global Shipping Partner To World’s amous Companies




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      Service & Aftermarket Logistics

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      usage of electric vehicles in work of our company

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      cartonization technology in parcel freight

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      collaborative supply chains

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      optimizing activities in distribution

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      managing the inbound auto supply chain

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      customized fleet technology solutions

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      Why Choos Us

      Why You Like FasTrans?

      Safe Packing

      We use carpet covers, residence protection pads & stretch wrap to keep your items safe.

      Right Time Delivery

      Right On Time Courier and Delivery sets the standard for reliable.

      Ship everywhere

      We will ship your products everywhere you're.

      Fastest Shipping

      We have fastest shipping service you will ever dream of.


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